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8x speedup for Python's csv.DictWriter

Like many of you, I enjoy doing lots of data visualization and machine learning using Pandas.

Pandas loads CSV files (among other things), so natually I export my datasets in CSV format for easy consumption. Today’s CSV export was a bit on the slow...

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Mitigate Android's Stagefright by disabling MMSes

Stagefright is a novel attack that allows remote code execution on the vast majority of devices running Android. Whereas the details of the vulnerability will be publicly released on August 5th, the general idea behind the attack (which was released...

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Fast, Internet-wide scans processing with Rapid7's DAP

One day of last week I came up with an idea that I had to test against the HTTP headers of millions of servers. To do this quickly, writing practically no code, I’ve used Rapid7’s DAP. It is a nifty little utility that has been the ultimate time-saver...

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Extracting URLs from network traffic in just 9 Python lines with Scapy-HTTP

Today at work my scapy-http library became again very useful, so I thought to showcase it a little here.

This example assumes that you have both scapy and scapy-http installed. If you don’t, you can fix this unexcusable mistake by (on a Debian/Ubuntu...

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Hiplogging - broadcast Python logs to Hipchat

Lately, in my research job, I’ve dealt quite a bit with long-running distributed experiments, handlings lots of non-structured data. The code running these experiments is usually best described as a “almost-working prototype” and, especially during...

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