Luca Invernizzi

I am a Ph.D. student in the Security Lab at the University of California - Santa Barbara. My research focuses on web-based malware (that is, protecting you from harm when you are online) and deniable communication (that is, letting dissidents in oppressed regimes talk to the rest of the world). In my free time, I enjoy hacking with team Shellphish and Epic Fail.

I've also worked in Robotics, in particular with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles.

Wondering what I have been up to? No need to check Facebook! Download my curriculum vitae:

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If you need privacy/authenticity, feel free to use GPG encryption (here's my public key, which you can also get via wget -O -|gpg --import)


I'm available on skypeSkype, under the username l.invernizzi.


Open Source

  • Technology blog: A blog on open-source projects managed by my friends and I.
  • Launchpad: Where I go to FLOSS (mostly).
  • Ohloh: Keeps track of (some) open-source contributions.

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