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Parsing HTTP in Scapy!

Hello people,

If you need to handle HTTP packets in Scapy, check out my scapy-http library.

To install it, run

sudo pip install scapy-http

After you import it in your program like so

from scapy.layers import http

You’ll be able to have a pretty...

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Vagrant-scp - copy files to vagrant VMs easily

I faced quite a few times the problem of copying files to virtual machines started via Vagrant. Since many people were facing the same issue, I’ve written a quick Vagrant plugin to solve this problem.

Install it via:

vagrant plugin install vagrant...
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Vagrant and libVirt(KVM/Qemu) - Setting up boxes the easy way

In my research lab at UCSB, we routinely run large-scale experiments that, essentially, need lots of computation and memory. These are pretty cool to run, but setting them up can be quite cumbersome. To make this task easier on us, we have been running...

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Codility Iota 2011 Coding Challenge - ShortestAdjSeq

Today, let’s challenge ourselves with Codility’s Iota 2011 challenge. The details of the challenge are in the link (I can’t copy them here because of copyright :) ).

Essentially, we are playing something very similar to the board game Dominoes. We...

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Coding interview question - Find all three numbers that sum up to X

Today’s challenge: given an array, find all combinations of three numbers that sum up to X. Target complexity: O(N2)


Input: array = [2, 3, 1, -2, -1, 0, 2, -3, 0], X = 0

Expected output: [(-3, 0, 3)] * 3 + [(-3, 1, 2)] * 2 + [(-2, -1, 3...

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